How to cook Hiyashi Chuka


I'd like to introduce Hiyashi Chuka, Cold Noodle. It is one of popular food in summer in Japan. It is cold Chinese noodle with fine-sliced ingredients, such as eggs, ham, cucumbers or tomato. Because it is served as cold food, most of Japanese restaurants starts serving Hiyashi Chuka when summer has come.

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How to cook Hiyashi Chuka

- Noodle
- Eggs
- Hams
- Tomato
- Cucumber
- Sauce

The package of Hiyashi chuka always contain the noodle and sauce together.
First make Kinshitamago. It's fine-sliced egg.

Put two eggs in a bowl, and remove this white pieces.
Then mix them.
Heat a pan and add oil.
Pour little egg to make thin fried egg.
Once the one sided is cooked, the flip it over, and cook both side.
Remove the egg and cool it down for a while.
Then, slice it fine.
Next, slice ham.
Remove a hull of tomato and slice it thin.
Cut the top of cucumber and cut it about 7cm wide, then slice fine.
That's it for topping.
Let's boil noodle.
Pout noodle into boiled water, and boil it for 3 min. Make sure mix them well.
That's it. Let's cool it down with cold water.
Remove noodle over net bowl, and start cool it down with water.
Cut the water well.
Let's make Hiyashi Chuka.
Prepare a big dish and first, add the noodle.
Then add each topping.
Finish with Hiyashi Chuka Sauce.
That's it.