Enjoy Edo Atmosphere at Shukubamachi, the post tow


Do you want to experience Edo Period? Then check out the post towns which remain many traditional houses. This time, MLJ introduce Narai-juku and Kiso Fukushima-juku on Nakasendo Road. They are also called the post towns of Kiso Road. You can be a travelers of Edo period just by walking those post towns. Also, Mino city is not post town, but just like others, it has great Edo Style Town.


Fukushima-juku is located in the center of Kiso Road. There was Sekisho in this town. So, historically, Fukushima was very important, and remains many excellent ruins. Narai-juku is the biggest remaining post town in Japan. The enter area is 1km long and many traditional houses which exist since Edo period are in Narai-juku. Both towns have great restaurants which use the original structure of Edo Style house so that you can enjoy your meal with Edo Atmosphere.


Mino is not post town but also have great traditional houses. Imai House, One of traditional houses in Mino, is over 270 years old. Because Mino was very power by its Washi paper, the merchants built many gorgeous houses with high and well decorated "Udatsu." Because Mino has many raised Udatsu, it is called the town with raised Udatsu. So, you can enjoy Edo Style town with wealthy houses in Mino.

If you want to be a traveler in Edo period, check out those post towns, and enjoy those remaining traditional houses!
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