Visit Aizu for Shinsengumi and Samuai spots!

Tsuruga Castle

Aizu-Wakamatsu is one of the best travel spots in Tohoku Region. It is located western Fukushima Prefecture. Fukushima today has serious problem, and that's why MustLoveJapan recommend to visit Aizu for supporting and encouraging people in Fukushima. Aizu-Wakamatsu has many spots for Samurai lovers, especially fans of Shinsengumi. Tsuruga Castle also has been restored in original red colors. Now is the time to visit Aizu.


Nisshinkan and Aizu Bukeyashiki is major Samurai spots in Aizu-Wakamatsu. Nisshinkan is Samurai school of Aizu domain built in end of Edo period. The famous Byakko-Tai members studied at Nisshinkan for their combat skills, manners and literatures. Aizu Bukeyashiki is completely restored the house of Saigo Tanomo who is the last Karo, the principal retainer of Aizu. It displays the life style of high class Samurai in Edo period.

The graves of Byakkotai

Aizu was one of the main scenes of Boshin War, and there are many ruins and traces from the battle of Aizu in 1868. Hijikata Toshizo and Saito Hajime, the last survived commanders of Shinsengumi, stayed and fought against the new government at Aizu. There is Onsen where Hijikata used for his medical treatment, and the grave of Saito Hajime. Of course the biggest tragedy of Aizu, the graves of Byakko-tai is the most popular spots in Aizu travel.

See and feel the last period of Samurai era!

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