Visit The Battle Field of Sekigahara!


MustLoveJapan proudly presents the travel to the battle field of Sekigahara. The battle of Sekigahara is the battle that distinctly determined the history of Japan. It divided Japan in half, the west and the east. Ishida Mitsunari was the head of West, and Tokugawa Ieyasu was the head of the East. It was the finale of the Sengoku Period, and made Tokugawa Ieyasu the last and permanent winner of Japan for over 260 years.

Ogaki Castle

Let's begin the travel with Oyama Castle and Ueda Castle. Oyama Castle is located in Tochigi prefecture. It is where samurai of Toyotomi Hideyoshi turned into Ieyasu's side; first and important step to the Ieyasu's victory was made at this castle. Ueda Castle is located in Nagano. This is the castle of Sanada Masayuki, and Yukimura, both on the the West. They stoped Hidetada, who was on the East. It was the first battle of Sanada Yukimura. Then, visit Gifu Castle where Fukuyama and Ikeda, on the East. The last stop before Sekigahara is Ogaki castle where the West settled their headquarters.

View of Kobayakawa

When you visit the battle field of Sekigahara, first you visit the museum and get a map. It shows all the spots, such as headquarters, battle spots, and graves. Most of the spot are within walking distance, and easily accessible by car with parking spaces. You can also rent a bicyle. Mt. Matsuo, where Kobayakawa stayed, and Mt. Sasao, where Mitsunari, stayed have great view of Sekigahara.

If you are big fan of Sengoku visit Sekigahara!
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