It's the Golden Week!

Children's day is on May 5th

The biggest Japanese vacation, the Golden Week vacation, has come! All Japanese are traveling around in this week; tourist spots are very busy and big cities are empty spaces.

The Golden Week consists of continuous three holidays with two to three paid leaves. The main holidays are the Constitution Day on May 3, the Green Day on May 4, and the Children's Day on May 5. During the vacation, Japanese celebrates the Japanese Constitution, the birth of Showa Emperor (why is the last emperor’s birthday green? It’s a mystery), and the safe-growing of children.

Koinobori, or Carp Streamers

Among these three holidays, children’s day is the most characteristic. On Children's Day, Koinobori, a Carp Streamer, decorates many Japanese houses that have boys. Koinobori are traditional carp-like-shaped wind socks to wish boy’s life success. Legend says that a carp, after overcoming a hard difficulty, becomes a dragon; so Japanese today flies a carp streamer wishing boys to win any hardship in life and to step up even to a mythic dragon in the future.

May Doll
Also a May Doll, a miniature samurai doll with samurai sword and armor, is displayed. The Doll symbolizes the pray for the children to grow strong.

The children’s day is originally started in China during 3rd century and brought to Japan. In around 12th century in Japan, Children’s day’s symbol, Koinobori and May Doll, came to today’s shape.

If you have boys in your family, try this Japanese style of Children's Day!
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