Walking in Beautiful Valleys

More than 90% of Japan is mountains and forest which make great valleys for hiking. Especially, during autumn, you can enjoy great Koyo. Entire mountain will be turn into red. In summer, it has great green leaves and flesh water.

Shosen Valley

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Shosen Valley (御岳昇仙峡, mitakeshosenkyo) is one of the best landscape scenery located in Chichibutamakai National Park, Yamanashi. It is also chosen as the Heisei 100 best waters. The valley is about 5km long, and it have many beautiful rocks and waterfalls, including Senga Fall, which is the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. The valley was formed by scoring of Arakawa River. Therefore, there are many unique rocks, walls and tunnels which create the art of nature in this valley.

Tourist Info.
There are free parking and restaurants. The sidewalk of the river is well constracuted.

0. at JR Kofu Staition
1. use local bus to Sengataki, Shosenkyo.
2. walk north (5 min.)