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Area Distribution : Aomori

觀光導覽: Aomori

Aomori prefecture is one of Tohoku Region. It is located north-end of Honshu Island. It has a beautiful nature, especially Shirakami-sanchi that is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Towasa and Mt. Hakkoda. Aomori has tow large peninsula and one is facing Sea of Japan and the other is facing Pacific Ocean. The bay between those tow peninsula has great seafood products. Hirosaki is a real castles and many historical and cultural constructions. The festival of Aomori called Nebuta Matsuri is very powerful and popular Matsuri. Aomori, so, has many splendid natures, seafood and exciting Matsuri.

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Hirosaki is located in southern Aomori prefecutre. It is a castle town with real Sengoku castle. Hirosaki castle is one of 12 existed original castle that remains since Sengoku period. It is also one of the most popular Sakura spot in Japan. Hirosaki also has a great Samurai residence as well. So, it has a great view of Samurai period. Also, Neputa Matsuri is one of the very famous summer festival in Japan. In winter, it has a heavy snow.


Aomori is the capital of Aomori prefecture. It is located south side of Mutsu Bay. It has a great seafood products from both Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean. Nebuta Matsuri is one of the most famous summer festival in Japan. The huge paper-doll parades and sea traveling are so exciting. Definitely one of the best Matsuri at night. Nebuta is so beautiful at night because of inner lights of paper dolls. It has a heavy snow in winter.

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