Kiku Festival Tokyo

Kiku flower is very popular in Japanese Autumn. It is considered to be the Imperial Flower of Japan. Many kiku lovers Nurse Kiku, or chrysanthemum. In November, there are many Kiku festival which displays highly cultivated Kiku flowers.

The garden of Imperial Kiku flower

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Travel Information

The garden of Kiku, the Imperial Flower (皇室ゆかりの菊花壇), happens at Shinjuku Gyoen National Gaeden in the beginning to middle of November. Kiku, chrysanthemum, is one main flowers of Japanese Autumn. It is also considered as Japanese Imperial Flower. Mamy highly cultivated Kiku flowers are exhibited around the Japanese Garden.

Tourist Info.
Period: from Nov. 1 to Nov. 15.

0. at Shinjuku Station.
1. use Marunouchi line to Shinjuku Gyoen mae.
2. walk (3 min)

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