Basho, the Haiku Master

Matsuo Basho (松尾芭蕉) is the most famous Haiku, Japanese style poem, master during early Edo period. He traveled all Japan, found beautiful sceneries and wrote poems on those spots. His famous travel is called "Okuno no Hosomichi, Narrow road to interior (this also means Oshu Region)."

Here is the spots where MustLoveJapan traced his travel.


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Matsushima (松島) is one of the three view of Japan, and located in Miyagi. Matsushima literary means "Pine Islands." So, there are about 260 small islands in Matsushima Bay. Many people had visited for long time. The famous Haiku Poet Matsuo Basho also visited here during his trip recorded in Narrow Road to the Deep North, and made great Haiku poems for Matsushima.

Tourist Info.
There are many parking, gift shops, restaurants and hotels.

0. at Sendai Station
1. use JR Senseki Line to Matsushima Kaigan ( 40 min.)
2. walk east (2 min.)

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