Onsen (sumber mata air panas)

Sebagai negara yang kaya akan gunung berapi, Jepang memiliki banyak sumber mata air panas. Sejak dulu, onsen digunakan sebagai sarana penyembuhan, yang sekarang berkembang menjadi kekayaan khasanah pariwisata modern.

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Beppu Onsen Hell Tour

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Beppu Onsen Hell Tour (別府地獄めぐり) is one of the most popular Onsen Tour in Japan. Beppu Onsen is located in Oita prefecture that is the largest Onsen prefecture in Japan. There are eight different kinds of hell Onsens in Beppu. The tour travels Sea Hell, Evil Monk Stone Hell, Mountain Hell, Pot Hell, Mountain Evil Hell, White Pond Hell, Blood Pond Hell and Tornado Hell. All of them present a unique Hell.

Tourist Info.
8 Hell pass: 2,100 Yen for adult, 1,350 Yen for High school, 1,000 Yen Junior High, 900 Yen for kids.
Time: 8:00 to 17:00
There is parking and restroom.

About 3 hours of travel in total.

0. at Beppu Station.
1. Use local bus 2,5,24 to Umijigoku.