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Hiromu Ito : Katazome Hanga

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The harmony of Classic method of Japanese Art and modern style of designing!

Stencil Dyeing which called "Katazome Hanga (型染版画)" in Japanese is the collaboration and new style of the traditional Art form. Stencil Dyeing was used be the method for designing Edo Komon (江戸小紋) which is Japanese traditional cloth, Okinawa Bingata (沖縄紅型). Those styles often closely resemble the rich Edo emotive color schemes using patterns, characters, and other motifs.

Katazome Hanga is using traditional Japanese Stencil Dyeing to print Japanese paper to creating beautiful printmaking art work. It will produce beautiful pictures and Japanese typography.

Mr. Hiromu Ito sensei is one of the greatest stencil dyeing artist, who has not just simply succeeded the stencil dyeing techique but has also made a distinction from the established traditional style to create a new Japanese art .

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