Tokyo Hip Cities

Check out the cities where Tokyo young fashion begins! Harajuku, Shibuya, Omotesando, and Roppongi are the cities where hip and young gathers. Young, energetic, fashionable and exiting are the pronoun for those cities. If you want to check out what hip and hot, especially fashion and entertainment for young Japanese, check these cities. Like Harajuku, it not only know as the great shopping cities for latest, cool and unique fashion which designed by unique designers, it is also know as the cosplay area for all "Kawaii Fashion." Every sunday many cosplayers show and express their unique cute costume. Shibuya is the City for youth. If you want to know about what are Japanese young people, just check out Shibuya. Odaiba, and Roppongi are where the latest entertainment begins. Those cities are the representers of what hot and cool in Japan.


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Harajuku (原宿、竹下通り、原宿通り)
Harajuku is where the young and hip gather. All the young fashion starts here. One of the unique features of Harajuku is "Kawaii" (cute) fashion. On the bridge next to Harajuku station, there are many "Kawaii" Cosplayers. Takeshita Street has many hip clothing stores. You can see what is the latest fashion amongst young Japanese people here. Harajuku Street has many unique designer's shops like the Billionaire Boys Club.

Tourist Info.
Cosplayers can only be seen on weekends.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use JR Yamanote Line to Harajuku Station (24 min.)