Unno-juku(海野宿) is one of the post towns of the Hokkoku Road located in Nagano Prefecture. There are many traditional houses that offer the experience of walking through Edo period scenery. This post town was built in 1625 for the travelers of Hokkoku Road. This town is also registered as a scenic preservation area.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Ueda Station.
1. use Shinano Line to Oya Station.
2. walk east (20 min)



周围的地图 Unno-juku



Unno-Juku is one of the post town of Hokkoku Road located Tomi, Nagano Prefecture. It was built in 1625. This road connect Nakasendo Road that is the major road connecting Edo and Kyoto.

Unno-juku is about 650m long and there are many traditional houses that has still the view of Edo period in time. In the middle of the street, there is a small cannal and the scenery with traditional houses and water sounds are just breathtaking.

This beautiful view of Unno-juku is chosen as one of the 100 best Japanese Streets.