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Area Distribution : Wakayama

观光导览: Wakayama

Wakayama Prefecture (和歌山県) belongs to Kinki region. Wakayama is the western area of Kii Peninsula. It was called "Ki no Kuni" that literary means the land of forest. So, most of Wakayama is mountains and deep forest. Wakayama is also very popular for religious places. Koyasan that is one of the oldest buddhist temple in Japan, and Kumano-sanzan that are also one of the oldest shrine in Japan. Those temples, shrines and their pilgrimage routes are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Western Kii Peninsula has many famous beaches such as Shirahama Beach.

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Nachi-Shingu (那智新宮) area is south-western area of Wakayama prefecture. Kumano-sanzan, Kumano Hongu Shrine, Kumano Nachi Shrine and Kumano Hayatama Shrine are located in this area. Historically, this area was considered as the most sublime and sacred place in Japan. Those shrines are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nature of this area is so beautiful. Especially, there are many beautiful waterfalls. Nachi Great Falls is one of three major waterfalls in Japan, and considered as one of the best waterfalls.


Koyasan (高野山), or Mt. Koya, is one of the top Buddhist Sacred Place and most holy city in Japan. It is located in Northern Wakayama Prefecture. This 820m tall mountain was established by Priest Kukai, or Kobo Daishi, in 816. As Kongobuji temple as the center, there are 117 temples in this town. The tradition of Shingon Buddhism is still continued today. This sacred Town of Buddhism is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many historic sits and national treasures of Japan.


Wakayama (和歌山) is the capital of Wakayama Prefecture. It was used to be the capital of Kisyu domain during Edo period. One of 3 Tokugawa Family, used to rule Kisyu. Therefore, Wakayama developed as the castle town. There are many historic site including Wakayama castle in this area. Wakayama is very famous for Abarembo Shogun, the famous Shogun TV show. West side of Wakayama is facing Pacific Ocean. There are many beautiful scenery on the beach side.

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