Omodaka Folk Craft Musem


Okumino Omodaka House Folk Craft Musem (奥美濃おもだか家民芸館) is located Gujo, Gifu prefecture. It is folk craft museum which displays the local craft works, arts and daily tools. At the front side of the house is used Kimono and gift shops.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 250 yen.

0. at Minoshi Station.
1. use Etsuminan Line to GujoHachiman (44 min.)
2. use local bus to downtown.
3. walk south.


周围的地图 Omodaka Folk Craft Musem


Omodaka Folk Craft Musem

Those folk craft works were collected by Mr. Mizuno. He was famous Ayu painter. In the showcase room, his arts are also displayed.