Mizugakiyama Natural Park


Mizugakiyama Natural Park (みずがき山自然公園) is an open field park located in Mt.Mizugaki, Yamanashi Prefecture. It has a great view of Mt. Mizugaki and northern Yamanashi. There are open field for any kinds of activities and camping field.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Manager office for camping closed on Wedensday and winter.
The office: 9:00 to 14:30

0. at Nirasaki Station.
1. use local bus to Masutomi Onsen.
2. walk north.


周围的地图 Mizugakiyama Natural Park


Mizugakiyama Natural Park

Mizugakiyama Shizen Park is constructed in 2001. It has a natural forest, open field, camping field and bird watching house. The Stars at night is also very beautiful.

It has also the entrance of trekking Mt.Mizugaki.

Camping field Office: 0551-45-0277