Kudanshita (九段下) is located in the center of Tokyo Metro. It is located on the northside of Edo castle. Kudanshita is a great spot to tour around Edo castle and Yasukuni shrine that is one of the best shrine in Tokyo.

There is parking and restroom.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. walk east to Otemachi Station.
2. use Tozai Line to Kudanshita.


周围的地图 Kudanshita



Popular spots.

Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine is located in the center of Tokyo Metropolis. It was established in 1869 by Emperor Meiji for loyal citizens who had died for Meiji Restoration. The name "Yasukuni," selected by Emperor Meiji in the hope that Japan would be at peace for eternity, meanse "preserving peace for the nation." Currently, more than 2,460,000 divinities are worshipped here. Not only people and soldiers from Meiji Restoration, but also soldiers who were killed in action in the conflicts of the Meiji, Taishio, and Showa eras. Also female and child divinities are enshrined as well. It is very importance shrine for all Japanese. The divinities enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine went to battle and made the ultimate sacrifice - their lives. Japanese own the peace and prosperity they enjoy today to the divinities of Yasukuni Shrine.

Kitanomaru Park
Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園, kitanomarukouen) is a part of The Imperial Palace Outer Garden, and used be a part of Edo Castle. It is located north side of the Imperial Palace. Kitanomaru Park is an important woodland garden situated in the center of Tokyo. The park which continues on into the northern part of the Imperial Palace is planted with many broadleafed evergreen trees. There are Nihonbudokan (日本武道館) and Science Museum (科学技術館) in Kitanomaru Palace. You can enjoy wild life, fish and birds in the moats and New purification System. There are two great gate from Edo Castle which still preserved in great shape.