Koyo of Mt. Takao

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Koyo of Mt. Takao(高尾山の紅葉)is the most popular Koyo hiking in Tokyo. Koyo starts around the middle to the end of November in Mt. Takao. The mountain will be covered with a beautiful Autumn leaves from top to the bottom. Also, in this time, Mt. Fuji appears great from the top of Mt. Takao because air gets so clear.

Tourist Info.
There are parking space, shops and restaurants.
In this time, the cable car and ropeway lifts will be so crowed.

0. at Shinjuku Station
1. Use Keio Line to Takaosanguchi (50 min.)


周围的地图 Koyo of Mt. Takao


Mount Takao, located within the municipality of Hachioji City, Tokyo. Because it is very close from Tokyo down town, visitors can enjoy its natural beauty and the many other attractions all in a day’s trip. In recognition of its magnificent beauty, the 2007 edition of Michelin’s Voyager Pratique Japon, the famous French travel guidebook, awarded Mt. Takao and Mt. Fuji the maximum of three stars.

Visitors can climb Mt. Takao by taking a cable car or lift to a point 400 m up - halfway up the mountain. There are six trails on Mt. Takao designated as nature study courses. From a vantage point further up near the mountain’s summit, you can also see the Tanzawa Mountains to the south. On a fine day even Mt. Fuji is clearly visible from here, and in winter, when the air is clear, you can also get a distant view of the Japanese Alps.

Mt. Takao is endowed with a rich and varied natural environment, where trees belonging to the temperate and sub-tropical regions flank majestic cedars hundreds of years old. In 1967, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration, Mt. Takao was named the Meiji Memorial Forest Takao, and became the eastern starting point of the Tokai Nature Trail that connects Mt. Takao with the Mino Quasi-national Park in Osaka. Make sure you visit Mt. Takao at least once and enjoy all it has to offer.

Trail 1 (Omotesando Trail)
restroom: 3
reststop: 4
length: 3.8Km

Trail 2 (Kasumidai Loop Trail)
restroom: 1
reststop: 1
length: 900m

Trail 3 (Japanese Judas Tree Trail)
restroom: None
reststop: None
length: 2.4km

Trail 4 (Suspension Bridge Trail)
restroom: None
reststop: None
length: 1.5km

Trail 5 (Mt. Takao Peak Loop Trail)
restroom: 1
reststop: 1
length: 900m

Trail 6 (Biwa Waterfall Trail)
restroom: None
reststop: None
length: 3.3km

Inariyama Trail (Panoramic Ridge Trail)
restroom: 1
reststop: 1
length: 3.1km

Mount Takao / Mt. Jimba Trail
restroom: 8
reststop: 6
length: 18.5km

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