Kobaien (香梅園) is a plum garden of Katori Shrine located in Sumida, Tokyo. It is a small garden with various kind of Ume, Japanese plum trees. Ume flowers bloom in early March in this garden. There are about 85 kinds 120 Ume trees in this garden.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.
There is Ume festival when they bloom.

0. at Akihabara Station.
1. use JR Sobu Line to Kameido.
2. use Tobu Kameido Line to Omurai Station.
3. walk south (5 min.)


周围的地图 Kobaien



Kobaien Garden is the restored Plum garden located in Omurai Katori Shrine. In Edo period, there was huge plum garden in this area. However, in 1910, it was destroyed by flooding. In 1994, the priest of Katori restored the plum garden. There are about 85 kinds and 120 plum trees in this garden.

It is small but beautiful plum you can enjoy from mid February to early March.