Furusato Taikenkan


Furusato Taikenkan (ふるさと体験館きそふくしま) is a folk craft experiencing museum located in Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. There are many folk crafts that you can experience. Making Soba and Wood craft works are main experiencing in here. Soba is very tasty when you make it from the powder. You can also try Sasamaki roll, Mochi and many other local foods of Kiso. You can cook your own travel food and make your own souvenirs.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Making Soba:
Admission:1,200 yen. From 3 persons.
Time: 2 hours.

Wood Craft: 550 or more. From 1 person.
Time: 1 hour.

Need a car. It is located on route 361.


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Furusato Taikenkan

experiencing folk crafts of Kiso Fukushima.

Cooking Experiencing
Making Soba: 1,200 Yen. From 3 persons. Using 100% pure Soba Powder of Kiso. Takes 2 hours.
Sasamaki:850 Yen.
Goheimochi: 1,300 Yen.
Learning Kiso Craft Food: 850 Yen.

Craft Experiencing.
Wood Craft: 550 or more Yen.
Folk craft: 1,550 Yen.

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