Jinja Falls


Jinja Falls (神蛇滝) is one of the waterfalls of Ojirogawa Valley. It is three steps waterfalls found by priest.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Takes 1 hr. from parking.
Very difficult pass. Need shoes for trekking.
You can't access to the basin.

Need a car. Use Route 20 and go west to 614. Travel to Hakusyu Kanko Ojiro Camping space.



周围的地图 Jinja Falls


Jinja Falls

It is the 3-step waterfalls located in Ojirogawa Valley, Yamanashi prefecture.

This waterfalls was found by Shugenja. He followed the voice of Dragon and found this falls. He named this waterfalls Jinja, the falls of God Snake. He also named the hill where he saw the falls, Ryujin Daira, the hill of the Dragon.