Imai Town


Imai Town (今井町) is Edo Style town located in Kashihara, Nara prefecture. There are about 500 traditional houses and 9 of them are registered as the national important cultural assets. This makes the largest scale of the town of the preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. It has a great view of old time of Japanese town.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. There is restroom.

0. at Kashihara Jinbumae Station.
1. use Kintetsu Kashihara Line to Yaginishiguchi Station.
2. walk west.



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Imai Town

Imai Town is one of temple town built in 16th century by Imai Hyoubu. It was used to be the town Ikko Buddhism Temple. The structure and the map of this town has not changed since when this town was built. The town fought against Oda Nobunaga, but when the fall of Honganji Temple, this town surrendered as well. After that, Imai Town became marchant town. During the Edo period, because it had over 1,000 houses in this time, the economic scale of this town was so huge. Therefore, this town had autonomy.