How to cook Nikudango


Nikudango (肉団子) is Japanese style meat balls. It is very popular Japanese dishes. The flavors are Soy Sauce, Sake, Mirin and other Japanese ones.



How to cook Nikudango

- The combo mince of pork and beef 250g
- Sugar
- Bread crumb
- Potato starch
- Sesame Oil
- Soy Sauce
- Mirin
- Salt & Pepper

Add Salt & Pepper and bread crumb and mix them.
Make a meat balls (size of ping-pong balls).
Prepare a pan and oil. Heat them.
Temperature of Oil is about 160c to 180c.
Fry them.
When their color change to orange. Remove them.

Prepare a pan with 180cc of water.
Add 2 large table spoons of Sugar.
Add 2 large table spoons of Soy Sauce.
Add 1 large table spoon of Mirin.
Add 1 small table spoon of Vinegar.
Add 1 small table spoon of Sesami Oil.
Add water dissolved potato starch.
Heat them until it starts boiling.
Add fried meat balls and mix them well.
That's it