Gokurakuji Sammarized


Gokurakuji Station (極楽寺駅) is located south-west of Kamakura. There are many old and classic temples in this area. So, it is very great place to strolling around with temples and nature.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. You can borrow restroom at some temples.
This strolling takes about 2 hours.

0. at Kamakura Station.
1. use Enoden Line to Gokurakuji.



周围的地图 Gokurakuji Sammarized


Gokurakuji Sammarized

This strolling starts at Gokurakuji Station.

Gokurakuji Temple
Gokurakuji Temple is Shingonritsu Buddhist Temple. It is located on Gokurakuji-pass which is one of the seven pass of Kamakura. It was built in 1259 by Hojo Shigetoki. There is a great Sakura street.

Gokurakuji Grass Studio
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Jojuin Temple
This is Jojuin Temple. It was established in 1219. It is known as the temple of Hydrangea. In June, this road has beautiful Hydrangea.

Hase temple
Hase temple is also known as Hasekannon , which is one of the Pure Land Buddhism Temples in Kamakura. The history of the temple starts at 736 when one of the Wooden Buddha statues drifted at Sagami beach.
The current Buddha statue is 9.18m high which is one of the tallest Buddha stature in Japan.
Hasedera enshrines also for Daikoku who is the seven luckいy gods of Japan in Kamakura.
The temple has great garden and Ajisai road, so when you visit this temple at June you can enjoy not only great temples, but also you can enjoy beautiful flowers.

Kosokuji Temple
Kosokuji Temple is one of the Nichiren Buddhism temples in Kamakura. This temple starts at 1274, and current main temple was built at 1650.
There are beautiful garden with various kinds flowers and trees. One of their Kaido (Malus halliana) is 200 years old and one of the important nature of the city. Ume trees are also very beautiful in this temple. Kosokuji temple is one of the best temple to visit to see beautiful flowers for any season.

Amanawa Shrine
It is the oldest shrine in Japan. It was established in 710. Legend said, Minamoto no Yoshiie was born in this place.

Then, back to Hase Station.