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Yunomine Onsen (湯の峰温泉) is one of the oldest Onsen Town located in Kumano, Wakayama Prefecture. This Onsen Town has been popular since 4th century for the travelers of Kumano Shrines.
There are 15 Onsen Hotels and one public Onsen for visiters. There is the oldest public Onsen called Tsuboyu. Tsuboyu is like a pot rock and on the bottom, there is a onsen spring.
The Onsen town is very small and has a classic view. There is Onsen Spring for boiling eggs and vegetables.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Public Onsen: Pure Onsen ticket 390 yen for adult.
Note: You cannot wash our body or hair at Pure Onsen Bath.
You make a reservation for Tsuboyu at the office of Public Onsen.

0. Shingu Station.
1. use Kumanokotsu or Nara Kotsu bus to Yunomine Onsen.

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Yunomine Onsen

Onsen Type: Sulfur-containing hydrogen carbonate salty water.
Onsen Hotels: 15

Yunomine Onsen is Onsen Town located nearby Kumano Hongu Shrine. It's been popular Onsen Town for travelers of Kumano worshipers.
It is considered as the oldest Onsen Town in Japan.

There is Onsen Spring for boiling Eggs and Vegetable. Onsen Eggs takes about 12 min. and Sweet Potato is takes about 40 min.

Tsuboyu is the Oldest Public Onsen in Japan. It is a rock with Onsen spring. It has a shape of pot that contains 3 people. The water is very hot, so you have to adjust the temperarture with water. You pay at the office of the public Onsen.

This site is registered as The UNESCO World Heritage Site, "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range."

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