Uraja Parade

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Uraja Parade (うらじゃパレード) is a Dance parade happens during Okayama Momotaro Matsuri (おかやま桃太郎まつり). During the festival, there are many Dance platforms, and you can enjoy Uraja Dance on the street or stages. Uraja Dance is a morden dance in Okayama. All dancers make up their face like Ura, the Japanese Ogre, and dance with Uraja song.

Tourist Info.
There are many dance platforms. Street will be closed for the dance parade, so better to visit by train and bus.

0. at Okayam Station.
1. check out the map and find your favorite spots.

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Map around Uraja Parade

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Uraja Parade

Uraja Dance is a modern dance which mostly performed at summer festival of Okayama city. It is very similar to Yosakoi Dance, but also there are many significant difference between them.

Uraja is named after the local legend of Ura, who is the model of Ogre of Momotaro legend.

Rules of Uraja Dance
- The Dancers must make up like Ogre. This is one of the unique feature of this dance.

- Must use Uraja Song or any original song which contains the melody and Uraja over 30 seconds.

-Must Love Okayama.