Uonuma Sato House

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Uonuma Sato House (魚沼佐藤家) is one of the farmers house located in Uonuma, Niigata prefecture. It was constructed in 1738. Uonuma is one of the heavy snow region in Japan. This area has over 3m deep of snow every winter. Therefore, the structure of this house is very strong. Because of its historical value, Sato House is designated as the national important historical assets.

There is parking.
Admission: 100 yen.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00
Close: Dec. to Mar.

0. at Nagaoka Station.
1. use JR Joetsu Line to Koide
2. use JR Tadami Line to Echigosuhara.
3. walk west.

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Map around Uonuma Sato House

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Uonuma Sato House

Sato House is one of the typical traditional house of northern region of Japan. It is very strong archtecture against heavy snow. It has many feature for heavy snowing, such as the open entrance, on the ground living space and doma.

Sato Family moved in 1630 in this area.