Ueda Yanagimachi

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Ueda Yanagimachi (上田柳町) is one of the Edo Style Castle town located in Nagano Prefecture. It is town still looks like an Edo period castle town with many traditional houses. Some of them are still used for their shops, Sake Brewery and restraurants. This town was built by Sanada Clan when they built the castle of Ueda. It offers the great historical strolling into Edo period.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.

0. at Ueda Station.
1. walk north 20 min.

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Ueda Yanagimachi

Ueda Yanagimachi is one of the post town of Hokkoku Road. There are many traditional houses that gives the view of Edo period. It is also the part of Ueda Castle town built by Sanada Clan. Stone walk on the road and houses are the same as the old time in Japan.

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