Tsukishima Kusaichi

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Tsukishima Kusaichi (月島草市) is a typical summer Matsuri held in Tsukishima Island, Tokyo. It happens in 2nd weekend of July that is considered as Obon in Tokyo. There are about 150 shops opens in the main street of Tsukishima. All those shops are run by local stores of Tsukishima and students in this area. There are varous kinds of foods you can enjoy and many Matsuri games for an entertainment.

Tourist Info.
Time: 2nd Sat. and Sun. of July at Nishinaka Street.

at Roppongi Station.
1. use Toei Oedo Line to Tsukishima.
Walk (2 min.)

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Tsukishima Kusaichi

Tsukishima Kusaichi is held in Obon in Tokyo. It was used to be a market for selling Obon Items. Obon is a religious event in Summer. In the middle of summer, Japanese people believe that all their ancestors come back home from the hell and stay with their family. This is called Obon. Mostly, Obon is held in the middle of August, but in Tokyo, it is held in July.

Tsukishima Kusaichi today is more like just a summer Matsuri for fun. There are about 150 shops opens in Nishinaka Street.

Because most of the shops opens by local people, there are many kinds of shops to enjoy.