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Tsuchiura (土浦) is a castle town located in the middle of Ibaraki Prefecture. There are many traditional houses and the ruins of castles. It offers great strolling of Edo castle town.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom around Tsuchiura Castle.

0. at Tsuchiura Castle
1. walk west.

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Map around Tsuchiura

Detailed Travel Guide

Tsuchiura Castle or Kijo
Kijo park is public park located in the middle of Tsuchiura city. It was used to be Tsuchiura Castle. There are many buildings which preserved from the castle, such as East and West Tower, main gates, and water moats so that you can still imagine the shape of the castle. It is very open and quiet park. You can enjoy sports or relax here.

It is the Misegura Style building that is constructed in late Edo period. It opens inside of the building as the local gift shop. It is also the visitors center today.

It is another Misegura Style building constructed in late Edo period. It is also visitor's center and there is cafe.

Tobunkan Gate
It was used to be the gate of Tsuchiura castle. In 1839, it was removed from the castle to current location.