Takasaki Castle

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Takasaki Castle (高崎城) is a flatland Castle located in Takasaki, Gunma. It was built in 1597 by Ii Naomasa. It is located on Nakasendo, the one of main road connecting Kyoto and Edo. Therefore, it was very important castle. There are original gate and keep of Takasaki Castle relocated in the ruins. Also, outer moats and earth banks are preserved in great condition. It is popular Sakura spot in Gunma.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Takasaki Station.
1. walk west (10 min.)

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Map around Takasaki Castle

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Takasaki Castle

Type: Flatland.
Built in: 1597 by Ii Naomasa.
Class: Ruins.

Takasaki castle is a flatland castle built by Ii Naomasa. When Tokugawa Ieyasu was moved to Kanto, he ordered Naomasa to built castle at this location because this was very important place to protect Edo Castle. It is located on Nakasendo road that connects Edo and Kyoto. He removed people from Minowa Castle to around this castle.

After the battle of Sekigahara, Naomasa was moved to Omi, and the lords of this castle had been changed many time until Meiji Restoration.

It had 7 major baileys, 5 keeps and 16 gates surrounded by moat. West side of the castle was protected by Karasu RIver.

-The east gate-
Built in 1843.

-Inui Yagura-
Original keep built in before 1695. This is the only remaining keep in Gunma Prefecture.

The ruins of the castle is very popular Sakura spot today.