Sonohyanutaki Gate

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Sonohyanutaki Gate (園比屋武御嶽石門) is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Okinawa. It is located inside of Shuri Castle. It is the worshipping gate when the King leaves out of his castle. It was built in 1519 by 3rd King of Sho clan.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission: Free.
Open: 8:00

0. at Yui rail Kenchomae Station.
1. use Yui rail to Shuri.
2. walk west

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Sonohyanutaki Gate

It is registered as a part of "Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu" of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed in 1519 by 3rd King Shoshin. The architecture was Nishito. Behind the gate is the most sacred place in Shuri Castle. The king used to pray their safe travel when they leave this castle. Also, when the greatest ceremony was held at Sefa-utaki, Kings pray at this place.