Soma Hyakusyaku Kannon

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Soma Hyakusyaku Kannon (相馬百尺観音) one of the Kannon Statue located in Fukushima. This Kannon had started its construction in 1931 by Ara yoshiaki. Today, the 4rd generation is working on it.
However, it was not finished yet. Current hight is 26.4m tall.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
No restroom.

0. at Soma Station.
1. walk south (1 hour)

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Soma Hyakusyaku Kannon

This Hyakusyaku Kannon Stone Statue was started constructing by Ara Yoshiaki in 1931. It is stone carving Statue which will be over 30m tall if it finish the construction.

Today, 4th generation Yonosuke is still working on it. Please support their activity.