Shureimon Gate

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Shureimon gate (守礼門) is the main gate of Shuri Castle. It is printed on Japanese 2000 Yen Bill. Before Shuri castle was reconstructed, it was consiered as 3 major disappointments of Japan. However, not anymore.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Admission: Free.
Open: 8:00

0. at Yui rail Kenchomae Station.
1. use Yui rail to Shuri.
2. walk west

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Map around Shureimon Gate

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Shureimon Gate

Shureimon is the main gate of Shuri Castle. There are 3 entrance of gate and only royality people could use the center gate. The sign said, People of Ryukyu always act in great manners and politeness.