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Shirahama Shrine (白濱神社) is the oldest shrine in Izu peninsula. It is Located in Shirahama Beach that is one of the best beach in Japan. Shirahama Shrine appears in Japanese Myth and enshrines Mishima Daimyojin. The god of this shrine created all the islands of Izu.

Visitor's Info.
There is parking.
In summer, the main shrine will be closed.

0. at Shimoda Station.
1. use bus to Shirahama Jinja (20 min.)

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Map around Shirahama Shrine

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Shirahama Shrine

Enshrines: Ikonahime no mikoto, the wife of Mishima Okami, the god of matchmaking and child birth.

Long time ago, Mishima Daimyojin, son of Okuninushi, arrived at this beach. He climbed up Mt. Fuji and met the gods. He received the land Izu and built his palace at Shirahama Beach. He married Ikonahime no mikoto.

They were allowed to create islands around Izu. They created islands of Izu and Mishima Daimyojin had his wives in each islands and let their sons as the god of the islands. Later, some of the sacred treasures moved from to current Mishima Daisya Shrine.

October 28, 29 and 30 Reitaisai and other matsuri.