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Sasuke Inari Shrine

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Sasuke Inari Shrine


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Sasukeinarijinja (佐助稲荷神社) There is nice tunnel of many Toriis which are the gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine. It was built in the celebration of the Yoritomo's(The first Shogun who started a shogunate) great victory about in 1190. It was named after his childhood name.
Visitor Info.
Small shrine but there is a gift shop and restroom. Lead to the Great Buddha Hiking course.
0. at Kamakura St.
1. walk west (15 min.)

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Access to Kamakura Area

Kamakura 鎌倉
Terminal Station: JR Kamakura St.
Access from Tokyo
-By Train
0.At Tokyo Station
1.use JR Yokosuka LIne to Kamakura St. (55 min.)
-By Car
1. use Shuto Expressway and change to Yokosuka Expressway to Asahina ex. (52 min.)
2. take route 204 south to Kamakura (20 min.)

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Sasuke Inari Shrine

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