Sakura at Jissoji

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Sakura at Jissoji (実相寺の花見) is very popular for Hanami party in Hokuto, Yamanashi prefecture. Jissoji is Nichiren Buddhism Temple with many Sakura trees in this temple.
Sakura blooms in early April. Especially Jindai Sakura is the oldest Sakura in Japan. Also, Kuonji's Sakura and Miharu's Takizakura are also planted here.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Hinoharu Station.
1. walk west.

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Sakura at Jissoji

In Jissoji, there are many different kinds of Sakura Trees. Not only Sakura, but also Suisen bloom in the same time. Many food stands will open around the parking and many people enjoy Sakura and party here.