Ootataneko Shrine

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Ootataneko Shrine (大直禰子神社) is one of old shrine located in Nara. It enshrines the grand son of Omiwa. It is also known as Wakamiya. The main shrine is registered as The Important Cultural Asset. Inside of the shrine, there is Kannon Statue that is the national treasure of Japan.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Nara Station.
1. use JR Sakurai Line to Miwa Station.
2. walk east.

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Ootataneko Shrine

Enshrines: Ootataneko

Ootataneko is the grand son of Oomononanushi. Therefore, it is known as Wakamiya.
In the time of Emperor Suujin, a serious epidemica plague happens in Japan. The emperor found the childas the priest of This shrine and established Ootataneko Shrine.

April 8.

The main shrine
The Important Cultural Asset.