Omiwa Shrine

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Omiwa Shrine (大神神社) is one of the oldest shrines located in Nara. The legend said, the establishement of this shrine appears in Kojiki and Nihonshoki, the Japanese Myth. It enshrines Mt. Miwa and Omononanushi. Omiwa shrine takes the ancient Shinto Style of Shirne because it enshrines the mountain. The site of Shrine is the national historic site.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Nara Station.
1. use JR Sakurai Line to Miwa Station.
2. walk east

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Map around Omiwa Shrine

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Omiwa Shrine

Enshrines: Oomononanushinoookami

Omiwa Shrine is the oldest shrine in Japan. It is located in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture. In Kojiki that is the oldest historical record in Japan, Omononanushinoookami appears in front of Okuninushi of Izumo and asked him to be enshrined at Mt. Miwa. Therefore, the shrine enshrines Mt. Miwa that is the ancient Shinto style of Shrine in Japan. Therefore, it is called as the oldest shrine in Japan.

The Main Shrine
It was constructed in 1664 and registered as the national important cultral assets. It was donated by Tokugawa Ietsuna.

Husband and Wife Rock
It is highly respected by the imperial court and 10th emperor Suijin.

The sacred tree of this shrine.