Nakamura House

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Nakamura House (中村邸) is one of remaining traditional houses in Narai-juku. It was built in Edo period as a warehouse of combs. Narai's combs were called Nurigushi, combs painted with lacquer, and they were very popular souvenirs during Edo period. This house remains the all the layout of traditional houses and comb shops.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 300 yen for adult, free for under junior high, there is group discount from 20 people.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00 (Apr. to Nov.) to 16:00 (Dec. to Mar.)

0. at Shiojiri Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Narai (24 min.)
2. walk (30 min.)

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Nakamura House

It is typical Edo Style residence that narrow in width but very deep in depth.

Exterior: the small roof on the first floor is called Sarugashira and Hisashi. They are very unique Narai style. Because it look like Yoroi, the armer, it called Yoroi Hisashi. Nakamura House remains those Narai Hisasi.

Also, the front gate is called Shitomi. Shitomi is paneled gate. Unlike other gate which use slide doors, Shitomi is paneled Shoji and boards.

Interior: There are Mise, Katte, Nakanoma and Zashiki. The layout is very common style during the Edo period.

On the back side second floor and Kura, the storage, there are many tradtional combs displayed/