Mt Buko

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Mt Buko (武甲山) is one of the very popular mountain in Saitama prefecture. It is about 1,304m tall. Mt Buko is the symbol of Chichibu. On the top of Mt Buko has a great view of Chichibu area. North side of Mt Buko is made of limestone and there is a stone minning. That is the course of the unique figure of Mt Buko. Because it is about 3 hours from Tokyo by Train, it is a great one day hiking spot.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Course Time: 6hr. 20min.

0. at Chichibu Station.
1. use Chichibu Line to Ohanabatake.
2. use Seibu Chicibu Line to Yokoze Station.
3. walk south (4 hr.)

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Map around Mt Buko

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Mt Buko

Mt Buko is 1,304m tall mountain located in Yokoze and Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. There is Ontake Shrine on the top of Mt Buko. It is chosen as the 200 best Japanese Mountains.

Mt Buko is one of the largest minning of limestone. The north side of Mt Buko is its minning. This limeston minning courses the unique look of Mt Buko.

The name of Buko comes from the Legend of Yamato Takeru no Mikoto. The legend said he removed his helmet and give it to this mountain.