Meoto Sugi

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Meoto Sugi (夫婦杉) is a couple of Yakusugi located in the Jomonsugi route. Two difference cedars are merged on the middle of the trees. The larger one is the husband and their have 500 years age difference.

0. at any bus stop very early in the morning (4am)
1. use shuttle bus to Yakusugi Shizenkan.
2. use shuttle bus to the entrance of Arakawa Tozando.
3. walk 2 hours.

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Map around Meoto Sugi

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Meoto Sugi

Species: Cedar (Yakusugi)
Height: 22.9m
Girth: 10.9m
Age: 2,000

Species: Cedar (Yakusugi)
Height: 25.3m
Girth: 5.8m
Age: 1,500

Meotosugi are two cedar trees merged in the middle points. That is very rare.