Kogesawa Bairin

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Kogesawa Bairin (木下沢梅林) is one of Takao Plum spots. Takao Plum spot is popular Ume, Japanese plum, spot in Hachioji, Tokyo. There are 1,400 plum trees that bloom fully beautiful in the middle of March.

Toursit Info.
It opens only weekend. There is parking and restroom.

0. at Hachioji Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Takao Station.
2. walk west 40 min or bus to Oshita.

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Kogesawa Bairin

Takao Baigo is a popular Ume, Japanese plum, spot located in Hachioji, Tokyo. There is 4 plum forests 10,000 plum trees. Plumes are planted on the side of Kosyu Road. Around the middle of March, white and red beautiful flowers bloom with nice smell. Many people visit here in the season to enjoy arrival of Spring. The entire sites are about 4.5km long, so it offers great hiking for all generation.

In this garden, you can enjoy white and red plum trees. There is strolling pass and place for lunch. Pet is allowed but no party.