Kofun of Emperor Suijin

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Kofun of Emperor Suijin (崇神天皇陵) is located in Nara Prefecture. It is also known as Andonyama Kofun (行燈山古墳). Emperor Suijin is 10th Emperor of Japan. This Kofun is 242m wide and 23m tall constructed in early 4th century. It is the 16th largest Kofun in Japan and located on the Yamanobe Pass. This Kofun is the early Kofun of Yamato Kingdom that is the former nation of Japan.

Tourist Info.
There is parking but no restroom.
DO NOT Enter the Kofun.

0. at Nara Station.
1. use JR Sakurai Line to Yanagimoto Station.
2. walk east (20 min.)

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Kofun of Emperor Suijin

Andonyama Kofun is the Kofun of Emperor Suijin who is the 10th Emperor of Japan.
Size: 242m long and 23m tall with a surrounding moat.

Emperor Suijin
Emperor Suijin has also the entitled as the founder of Japan in Japanese Myth. He is concidered as the first real Emperor who might exisited in Japan. He commanded 4 general to conquare all of Japan and build a strong Empire.