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Kiso Dance (木曽踊り) is one of the main feature of Summer in Kiso. Kiso Dance is the Samurai Dance that has over 800 years of history. Legend said, this dance was for the victory of Shogun Kiso Yoshinak. The dance is very simple because Samurai with armor can dance. This festival is held in July 22 and 23.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
The road will be restricted.
It starts around 20:00 to 22:00

0. at Kiso Fukushima Station.
1. walk to Kiso Town Tourist Organization Office.

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Kiso Dance

Kiso Odori is the traditional dance played in Kiso area for long time. Legend said, this dance started for the cerebration of the vicotry of Shogun Kiso Yoshinaka. It was played for Samurai with the armor, therefore dance is very simple. Around Muromachi period (14th to 15th century), the dance was well known even at Kyoto.

In this dance, there is no drums or other music. Dancers will sing the Kiso Bushi Song.