Kikyo Sword Smith Factory

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Kikyo Sword Smith Factory (桔梗隼光鍛刀場) is a Katana smith studio located in Aioi, Hyogo Prefecture. Sword Smith Kikyo Hayamitsu has over 10 years of experiencing of making Katana. His studio is located in Uryu Rakan no Sato. It opens almost everyday, and people can watch his work free and anytime. He learned Bizen Style of Okayama. So, his sword is Bizen Katana.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
The time and day of his working time is very randamly.
This is not the tourist spot. Don't disturb his working.
Be very careful because it use extremely hot frame and steel.
You can take a photo.

0. at Himeji Station.
1. use JR Sanyo Line to Aioi.
2. walk north (2 hours)

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Kikyo Sword Smith Factory

Kikyo Sword Smith Factory is Katana Smith Studio located in Aioi, Hyogo Prefecture. Hayamitsu Kikyo learned Katana making at Bizen of Okayama. He became independent in 2005, and opened his studio in this place in 2010. His studio is open to people for watching his work.

Hayamitsu Kikyo
Born in 1973 at Aioi. He became the student of Takamitsu Yokoi of Bizen Okayama in 2000. He became the independent in 2005 and open studio in Kyoto. He moved to Aioi in 2010. He got many awards from Katana awards since then.

At his studio, you can buy his swords, too.

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