Kakizore Valley

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Kakizore Valley (柿其渓谷) is located in Nagiso, Nagano Prefecture. It is one of the best valley in Kiso Road. It has a beautiful green water and leaves. Usiga Falls is a beautiful waterfalls located at the end of the hiking course. In Fall, it has a beautiful Koyo.

Tourist Info.
There is parking, and restroom.

0. at JR Chuo Line, Shijiri Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Juniken.
2. walk west.

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Map around Kakizore Valley

Detailed Travel Guide

Kakizore Valley

Kakizore Valley is one of the best valley in Kiso. It is about 8km with huge rocks, fresh air, pure water and beautiful green forest. In Spring, Azalea and Shakunage bloom, and in Fall, it has splendid Koyo.

-Usiga Falls-
30m tall waterfalls.