Kakashi Matsuri

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Kakashi Matsuri (かかし祭り) is a local Matsuri held in Higashi Azabu Shopping District. This Matsuri was started by Tohoku people who live in this town. There are many food stands which specialized in Tohoku, and other Matsuri Entertainments to enjoy!

Tourist Info.
This Matsuri happens in the beginning of October.
No parking.

0. at Roppongi Station.
1. use Toei Oedo Line to Akabanebashi.
2. walk west.

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Kakashi Matsuri

Kakashi literary means "scarecrow." Because Tohoku has many farms and rice field, Kakashi is very common object for Tohoku people. Every year, many unique Kakashi which made by local people are displayed at Matsuri.

There is also Dance Demonstration by Local dancers. They dance "Hanagasa Ondo" which is very popular Dance for Tohoku people.

There are many food stands and tables are available.