How to dance Tokyo Skytree Ondo

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The video introduction of how to dance Tokyo Skytree Ondo (東京スカイツリー音頭の踊り方).

Level 3: Normal
Typle: Slow

Song: "Tokyo Skytree Ondo" by Hiroko Aizawa.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Face to counter clockwise direction.
Count 8.
Clap, clap and clap.
3 step to the right and swing hands 1 and half.
Left foot up.
Do the other side.
From right foot, step 3 and palm up.
Do the other side.
Step 3 from right and draw Skytree.
2 Step back from right, hand down.
Spin to the right on 4 count. Start from right foot and shade face with left hand.
Do the other side.
And again.
From the lower left, clap and step 3.
Do the other side.
Call on people from right hand and step, then left hand and step.
Step right and draw Mt. Fuji.
step back and clap.

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