How to cook Ohagi

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Ohagi (おはぎ) is typical Japanese sweets with Azuki beans. It is a rice ball covered with Anko or Kinako. Anko is sweetened Azuki beans which widely used for all kinds of Japanese sweets.

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How to cook Ohagi

Azuki beans 300g
Sugar 300g +
Mochigome 2 cup
Normal 1 cup

First, polish rice.
Then, keep them into water for 3 hours.
Use rice cooker
(Standard mode)
Wash Azuki beans lightly.
Then, put them into a pan.
Add water of 3 times more of Azuki.
Let them boil with strong fire.
Once, it starts boiling, add one cup of water and change fire to medium.
Then, keep boiling for 20 to 30 min.
Remove scums.
Once Azuki getting bigger, remove the hot water.
Remove Azuki into a mesh, and let water drop naturally.
Put them back into a pan, and add the water again (3 times more).
Let them boil with small fire this time.
Remove scums again.
Keep adding water as it lose with heating.
About 1 hour later, all the skims of Azuki start peeling off.
Then, stop fire.
Remove the water slowly and quietly.
Keep adding water slowly until the water become clear.
Then, remove Azuki into the mesh again.
Wash the pan, and put Azuki back into it.
Add 300g of Sugar, and heat them with weak fire. Make sure you mix them well.
Use a spatula to smash up beans.
Once most of water is gone, and Azuki get harder.
That's it for making Anko.

Make small rice balls.
Smash rice little bit.
Kinako : Sugar = 2 : 1 Mix them well.

Cover a rice ball with Anko.
For Kinako one. Put Anko inside the ball.
Then add Kinako outside like this.